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Man Charged for Ejaculating in Co-workers Food and Workspace

A man working in an office in La Palma has been accused of tainting a female co-worker’s water bottles, honey jar and computer hardware with his ejaculate. He allegedly continued this behavior over a span of nearly two months. The victim unknowingly ingested the honey on several occasions.

Stevens Millancastro began working with the woman in 2014, and starting in November 2016 he was suspected of masturbating in her office and depositing semen in various locations.

The victim had noticed on two different days that her water bottles had an odd coloration to them and she threw them in the trash. Millancastro has also been accused of putting his sperm inside a jar of honey that the victim kept stored in her office. She ate the polluted honey every other day for nearly two months without realizing it had been tampered with.

In early January 2017 the woman noticed a third bottle of water looked suspicious and she reported it to her supervisor. He decided to install a hidden security camera in an effort to discover the cause of the sullied water bottles.

On January 13, Millancastro was on his way toward the woman’s office when the camera recorded him just prior to entering. When she sat down at her workspace and put her hand on her mouse she said it felt as if it had been defiled with semen.

La Palma police were notified by the victim and they opened an investigation.

Palmdale resident Millancastro was taken into custody on November 21, and three days later he was charged with two misdemeanor counts of battery and three misdemeanor counts of attempted vandalism. A sentencing enhancement was added for committing the crimes for the purpose of sexual gratification.

If he is found guilty as charged Millancastro faces a maximum sentence of two years and six months in county jail and an order to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life.

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