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Arrest Deflates Pool Toy Predator’s Theft Spree

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly stealing many inflatable pool toys over several months, presumably for his sexual pleasure.

During the past seven months, specific residents of Palm Bay reportedly found that their blow-up pool floats had disappeared on more than one occasion. Some of the screens at the homes were reportedly destroyed in order to gain access to the toys.

The authorities began to receive complaints, and over a dozen people reported the alleged thefts of their pool toys. The police posited that the suspect responsible had swiped a large amount of the inflatables based on the fact that most of the alleged victims did not log complaints until they had been stolen from a few times.

At approximately 1:25 am on June 13, a man riding a bicycle and reportedly carrying a white bag was spotted by an officer. The cop believed that the rider appeared to be suspicious and he flagged him down to see what was going on.

The police officer asked the man, identified as 35-year-old Christopher Monnin, to reveal the contents of the bag he was carrying and the man allegedly said that it was filled with pool toys that were not blown up.

Due to the number of reports received about missing pool toys and the contents of the bag the officer asserted that Monnin was the perpetrator of the backyard robberies.

Monnin was informed by the officer that he was being placed under arrest, and after he was Mirandized it was reported that he waived his rights and decided to issue a statement regarding the accusations.

The police report taken by the arresting officer reflected that Monnin admitted culpability for stealing a multitude of pool toys, which he said he keeps in an empty house across the street from his home.

Monnin allegedly agreed to take the authorities to the residence where he stores the stolen goods so they could inspect the scene.

When they arrived at the home, the officers alleged that there were at least 75 inflatable pool toys of different varieties inside. The types of toys taken allegedly included blow-up chaise lounge style floats, items holding the shape of novelty items such as a strip of bacon, a sizeable yellow duckling, a watermelon, and a buoyant Shaquille O’Neal lounger.

Monnin was reported as explaining that he used the toys to relieve himself sexually in an attempt to prevent the possibility that he might sexually assault a woman.

When Monnin was booked into the county jail charges were issued for 5 counts of felony burglary, and 5 counts of misdemeanor theft. He is being held in lieu of $78,500 bond for the accusations.

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