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Homeless Man Arrested After Sensuous Dance at McDonald’s

When he was reported for what was interpreted by the diners of a Naples McDonald’s as public lewd behavior expressed through dance, a homeless man was taken into custody for providing the undesired alleged performance.

On Sunday evening, the patrons of a Florida McDonald’s reportedly saw a man stripping off his clothing while “doing a strange dance.” Some of the witnesses also got the impression that the person was using a railing outside the eatery for sexual gratification.

Collier County Sheriff’s Deputies went to the fast food establishment with the impression that the suspect had dropped his pants while giving the unauthorized public show and saw that the man resembled someone who was not allowed to enter the location due to past problems.

After approaching the alleged dirty dancer it was purported that they discovered that they had made the proper assumption that 62-year-old John Morgan, who had been banned from the McDonald’s, was the party reported to them in the complaint call.

Though he was said to be sans-pants when the call was made, Morgan was reported as having shorts on when the authorities saw him.

The arresting officer reported that he had an encounter with Morgan a few days prior where he told the man, who is homeless, that he was not to go to the restaurant when he had gotten the impression that he might be heading there.

While taking Morgan into custody the officer told the man that he would be booked into the county jail, because even though he had not gone inside he was allegedly on a property that he was reportedly banned from. The alleged violation has incurred a charge for suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing.

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