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Arresting Deputy Endured Racist Threats From DUI Suspect

While being apprehended for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol the suspect being detained reportedly made several comments that were racist in content to the arresting African-American deputy.

Just prior to midnight on February 7, the authorities received a report regarding a Lexus that was being operated in an unsafe manner.

When deputies dispatched to the area they found that the driver of a vehicle matching the description they were given, 53-year-old Julie Edwards from Deland, Florida, was displaying signs of drunkenness while they were interacting with her.

The deputy reported that Edwards was not compliant with his requests that she take any of the roadside tests used to indicate blood-alcohol percentage, and while she was handcuffed she tried to walk away from him. When he tried to escort her back to the police vehicle the deputy alleged that Edwards went limp and dropped to the ground in what he interpreted as an act of non-compliance.

Edwards was placed in the police car, and while the deputy was attending to paperwork his body cam was recording both video and audio of the encounter.

The footage, which was posted online by the County Sheriff’s Office, contained the image of the interior of the front of a police vehicle while a woman’s voice was heard making racist comments and threats that were believed to be aimed at the deputy. Comments about burning crosses, the KKK, poking out eyeballs, and tossing around of the “n” word can also be heard in the recording. The audio additionally contained threats of her intention to take legal actions against the deputy.

When the deputy reportedly directly confronted Edwards about the alleged statements to learn if she was, indeed, making personal threats toward him Edwards allegedly stated that she was not.

Edwards is facing charges of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol, misdemeanor prior refusal to submit for testing, misdemeanor resisting an officer without violence, and first-degree misdemeanor threats against a law enforcement officer, for the allegations against her. She was incarcerated for 2 days before meeting the conditions of her $2500 bond.

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