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Modern-Day Mrs. Robinson’s Advances Enticed the Police

A woman in her 60’s who was declined while allegedly trying to attain the attention of a waiter noticeably younger than her was arrested for her bold and allegedly unwelcome behavior.

64-year-old Marrian Ann Zambrano lives in The Villages retirement community in Florida.

On Christmas Eve, Zambrano reportedly ventured out and enjoyed some libations at the nearby RJ Gator’s waterfront bar and grill.

Just after closing time and after the doors to the establishment had been locked for the night, Zambrano allegedly went back to the location and asked a waiter that was still on the premises if she could run inside and grab a hat that she had left behind.

The waiter reportedly explained that since the door was already locked he had no way to get back inside. Zambrano began to act as if she was smitten with the man and allegedly made it known by touching his crotch, pressing herself against his body, and asking him to come home with her.

He reported that he tried to make it known that he was not interested in her, and the alleged victim said that he believed Zambrano had too much to drink that evening so he told her that he would help her get home so that she wouldn’t drive.

Zambrano reportedly didn’t take no for an answer and the waiter alleged that she continued trying to seduce him after they went to a restaurant across the street where he said he had planned to locate a ride for her.

After the authorities were notified and arrived at the scene, the alleged victim told them that he believed Zambrano was trying to take his pants off during the interaction. He additionally stated that he didn’t believe he did anything to encourage her purported attraction to him.

Witnesses at both of the locations, in addition to videos captured by each of the eatery’s surveillance cameras, provided the officers with information that allegedly seemed to corroborate the waiter’s story, causing the police to purport that Zambrano had violated the law.

Zambrano was taken to the county jail and charged for suspicion of battery, and she maintains that she is innocent of the allegations. After paying $1000 bond Zambrano was released from custody, and she is scheduled to return to court in mid-March.

Since the alleged victim has decided to press charges, Zambrano has retained a criminal defense attorney who was reported as actively working to maintain his client’s innocence.

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