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Assault Suspect Gave Himself Head Trauma With Nunchucks

A man who became angry with his neighbors for the noise level allegedly confronted them in an aggressive manner wielding nunchucks, with which he unintentionally smacked himself in the skull.

On August 12, tenants of a Daytona apartment building were hanging out around a vehicle parked in the lot of the complex while blaring music from the speakers of the automobile in the middle of the night.

Near 1:00 am, a resident who was not taking part in the gathering identified as 61-year-old Larry Adams allegedly emerged from his apartment with a gun, a can of bug spray, and nunchucks in his reportedly enraged state over the volume level of the tunes.

In his alleged rage, Adams was accused of threatening to shoot the neighbors present during the event just before he reportedly doused them with the contents of a can of aerosol roach spray. As Adams allegedly swung the nunchucks at the parked car blasting the music, the stick bounced off of the hood of the vehicle and smacked him in the head with full force.

While speaking with a local news outlet, one of the people in the parking lot during the incident stated that Adams put on a slapstick performance for the spectators when they watched him experience the self-inflicted knock on his noggin. Regarding the roach spray, the woman was quoted as saying, “We not [sic] even roaches so why are we getting sprayed with roach spray for?”

After the authorities arrived and gathered information about the incident, including noting an incision and lump on his head, Adams was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Volusia County Corrections website displays that Adams is no longer incarcerated, but his landlord said that the man will need to search for a new place to live because he is being evicted from the building.

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