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Irritated Man Used Loader to Envelop Girfriend’s Car in Dirt

When a man and his girlfriend met up to talk on August 15, the interaction allegedly displeased her boyfriend who reportedly used heavy machinery to dump a load of dirt on her car.

20-year-old Hunter Mills requested that his girlfriend meet with him for a chat around 2:00 pm on Thursday near an Okaloosa excavation company that specializes in landscaping needs and offers topsoil for purchase.

The woman drove to the agreed-upon destination in a borrowed Cadillac, and Mills, operating a front-end loader with a full bucket of dirt, reportedly navigated the piece of equipment so that it was near the automobile his girlfriend was using.

Mills allegedly asked the woman a question, and when she refused to answer he reportedly released the bucket of topsoil onto the Cadillac, which was scratched in several places from the debris that fell.

Since the car’s window was down the dirt also reportedly found its way inside of the air vents and other open crevices inside of the vehicle.

When the authorities arrived they inspected and recorded the state of the Cadillac, and when the car’s owner met them at the scene he said the damages would cost $8,000 to repair.

Mills was placed under arrest, and after he was Mirandized he allegedly told the police that he committed the act in an effort to get the girl to stop bothering him. For his purported involvement in the dirty deed Mills is facing charges for one count of felony criminal mischief over $1,000.

Mills’ girlfriend was not reported as having suffered from any injuries during the incident.

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