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Atlanta Uber Driver Savagely Bitten by Woman

On August 18, a woman allegedly approached an Uber driver and tore his flesh with her teeth after destroying part of his vehicle.

Uber driver Yasser Hadi picked up a passenger in his Toyota Prius and went to the requested destination in the Westside area of Atlanta.

After his fare got out of the car Hadi reported that a woman ran up to him and began behaving in a wild manner.

People walking in the area began to watch the reported spectacle, and someone recorded a video of the incident.

In the recording, the woman can be seen as she allegedly hopped on the hood of Yadi’s vehicle and spread her legs while bending and kicking at the windshield wiper until it was broken.

When the suspect climbed off of the Prius she reportedly tried to get into the driver’s seat of his car, but Hadi intervened, pulling her out and dumping her on the pavement.

As the woman stood up, she allegedly took a swing at Hadi, before biting him so savagely that one person who viewed the event as it took place referred to what he saw as “the zombie apocalypse.”

When officers arrived and identified the suspect as 26-year-old LaGrange resident Tasheena Campbell.

The police additionally reported that Campbell said she was at a party and her purse went missing. She allegedly told the officers that she thought Hadi and the spectators were responsible for taking it.

Medical personnel at the scene took care of the bite mark on Hadi’s ribs, but he did not want to be taken to the hospital for further care.

Two days after the incident Campbell was taken into custody and booked for suspicion of battery, and criminal trespass. Due to what was reported as “underlying medical issues” she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital to receive treatment.

After being released from the hospital Campbell was incarcerated in lieu of $5,000 bond.

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