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Attorney With Shoe-Cam Glanced Under Young Girl’s Skirt

A California lawyer is facing charges for allegations that he used a camera that was affixed to his shoe to record underneath a girl’s skirt while inside of a store.

On Sunday afternoon, a young girl and her father were inside of a Walnut Creek Apple store in Broadway Plaza.

At the same time, personal injury attorney Jacques Bloxham was also reportedly a customer of the electronics establishment.

Around 3:00 pm, Bloxham allegedly came into contact with the underage girl. While they were reportedly in close proximity to each other, the girl’s father said that he saw Bloxham angling his foot in a way that caused him to believe that the man was looking up his daughter’s skirt. He additionally alleged that Bloxham had taped a recording device to his shoe in order to record the young woman’s unmentionables.

The girl’s father reportedly promptly reacted to the perceived peering by warning Bloxham to cease, causing the alleged offender to exit the store and quickly depart from the area.

A patron inside of the store who witnessed the incident tracked Bloxham on foot until the authorities arrived, which assisted in their locating and detaining of the reported culprit so that they could investigate the accusations.

As the local police inspected Bloxham’s personal belonging they went through his vehicle and allegedly found a stash of photo and video capturing devices. Amongst the reported findings was also a camera that they believe was used in the reported incident involving the girl in the Apple store.

66-year-old Bloxham was booked into the county jail for the accusations of using a camera to secretly record the undergarments of another person, and annoying or molesting a child under 18.

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