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Autistic Man Scalded Two Toddlers

A Utah man who reportedly told the authorities that he felt bad about injuring two toddlers by pouring hot water on them is facing charges for allegations of child abuse.

On October 1, 24-year-old Austin Woolsey was reportedly babysitting two toddlers, ages 2 and 3.

While providing care to the youngsters, Woolsey allegedly took hot water and poured it on each of the children, which, according to medical staff, left them covered with second-degree burns.

The children were taken to a hospital in Washington County, and they were admitted for medical care for their scalded skin.

Pictures of the burns on the youngsters were viewed by a concerned party, and the police were notified about the injuries.

When investigating the situation, the police noted that the 2-year-old was badly burned on most of one side of his body, and the 3-year-old suffered burns to his head and neck.

The authorities spoke with Woolsey about the incident leading up to the children being hospitalized, and the man allegedly said that he had hot chocolate in his hands and he stumbled, causing the liquid to splash on the kids.

The police did not believe that the children’s burn marks appeared as if they were caused in that fashion, and they continued their investigation.

It was reported that Woolsey later changed his statement and said it was hot water that he used and that he was aware that what he did was wrong. He also allegedly added that he felt “kinda sad” about what transpired.

On October 27, Woolsey was taken into custody and incarcerated. He is facing charges for suspicion of two felony counts of child abuse, and inflicting serious physical injury intentionally.

One of his family members alerted the authorities that Woolsey, whose relationship to the alleged victims was not disclosed, is autistic.

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