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Health Aide Stole Dying Cancer Patient’s Credit Card

37-year-old Kimberly Victoria Diggins lives in Port Charlotte, and used to work for Brightstar Care: In-Home Care & Medical Staffing Agency as a health aide.

On September 2, Diggins was reportedly in charge of taking care of a woman with stage 4 pancreatic cancer when the patient’s regular aide was unable to work her shift at the last minute.

Beginning at midnight, and for a period of approximately 11-hours, Diggins reportedly stayed at the residence to provide care for the woman. The patient and her spouse slept through the night while Diggins was at their home.

After Diggins left the home, the client and her husband reportedly noticed that the woman’s Visa credit card had gone missing, and they asserted that Diggins had stolen it.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the situation, and they reported that they were able to track down the use of the card at a Walmart in Port Charlotte for a purchase totaling just over $750.00.

The in-store surveillance recordings were checked by the authorities, and they noted that three underage boys appeared to be using the card at the time and the location of the purchases.

One of the boys was identified as Diggins’ son, and a child accompanying him allegedly disclosed to the police that Diggins had handed over the card to them.

The investigators asserted that they had enough probable cause to detain the woman.

On October 26, Diggins was taken into custody and booked into the Charlotte County Jail. She is facing charges for suspicion of grand theft, fraud, exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The following day, Diggins was released on bond.

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