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Barefoot Toddler Found Alone in Street at 2 AM

A 2-year-old girl was found wandering around in the middle of the night without shoes and socks while her father allegedly slept in their reportedly squalid home.

Ryan Phillips and Robin Blatz share a home in Greenville, Tennessee. They have a 2-year-old daughter together, and Blatz has a second child.

Around 2:00 am on October 27, the 2-year-old was reportedly found alone in the middle of the street by two passersby, and the youngster had blood on her shoeless feet.

The Greenville Police Department was notified, and the people who found the toddler stayed with her until the authorities arrived.

The police reported that they believed the youngster had also walked out of her home without a guardian on three other occasions.

When trying to locate the girl’s parents, officers went to her home where her father was found sleeping.

After knocking on the window and rousing the slumbering dad, the police took him to the spot where his daughter was found.

The Tennessee Department of Child Services was hailed to the location, and when their agent reached the scene they took the child into their custody.

When the agent requested a visit to the home with a police escort, it was reported that the dwelling was in a horrible state of uncleanliness. Dirty laundry, garbage, and burn marks from cigarettes were allegedly seen all over the home.

While inspecting the master bedroom, the authorities reported that they discovered drug paraphernalia and garbage littering the bed.

Blatz was at the home during the inspection, and she reportedly stated that she had not slept there in a couple of months because she and Phillips were having trouble getting along. She is reportedly in the dwelling in the daytime.

Phillips was placed under arrest, and while near the police vehicle he allegedly violently struck his head against the car and left denting in the spots impacted by his head.

He was transported to the Green County Detention Center, and Phillips is facing charges for suspicion of four counts of child abuse and neglect, and resisting arrest.

Because Blatz had not notified the authorities about the allegedly unkempt residence, she was taken into custody and charged with two counts of child abuse and neglect.

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