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Bicycler Suspected of Peddling Drugs

A man was riding a bicycle through the streets of Jensen Beach near midnight when local deputies in the area noticed that the bike was lacking lights, making him less visible to drivers on the road.

When the deputies stopped the man regarding his absence of front and rear lights, they reported that he did not want to cooperate and he would not disclose his name to them. The man then allegedly tried to continue on his way but the deputies prevented him from leaving the vicinity.

The man, identified as 22-year-old Jabari Schweitzer, was reportedly carrying a bag and during a search of the contents, a deputy discovered a baggie inside containing just under two-and-a-half ounces of what they suspected was drugs.

Schweitzer was taken into custody and it was reported that he continued acting in what the deputy perceived as a non-compliant manner when he was inside of the police car.

When Schweitzer was taken out of the car at the sheriff’s office for booking, the deputy said that he noticed small rock-like bits on the floor of the car where the suspect was seated.

The substance found in the backpack was tested and allegedly revealed a positive result for ketamine, and the particles collected from the floor of the police vehicle were reportedly identified as crack cocaine.

The deputy stated that Schweitzer was the first person he had arrested that day and he alleged that the man was carrying the crack, but had attempted to conceal it by stomping it into the floor of the car during his transport.

Schweitzer was booked into Martin County Jail where he is facing charges for suspicion of trafficking ketamine, introduction of contraband, possession of crack cocaine, and resisting arrest without violence. His bail was set at $215,750.

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