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Trespasser Told Police His Name is “Ben Dover”

A man who was allegedly hanging out in a Florida park after hours issued a snarky retort to an officer in response to being asked for his name when he was approached about his trespassing.

Around 6:00 pm on November 6, a deputy at John Chestnut Park in Palm Harbor encountered a man on the grounds and informed him that he would have to leave because the park was closed for the evening.

When the deputy asked the man what his name was so that he could give him a warning for trespassing, he reported that the suspect said that his name was “Ben Dover.” The presumed-trespasser then allegedly stuck up his middle finger in the direction of the deputy and advanced upon him in a manner that gave the agent the impression that he was going to become physically aggressive.

As reported in the affidavit, the man turned around and began to run away as the deputy followed him on foot and caught up to him before identifying him as Palm Harbor resident Andrew Leighton, 22.

Leighton was placed under arrest and booked into the Pinellas County Jail for suspicion of misdemeanor obstruction by a disguised person, and misdemeanor resisting an officer. He was released from custody the following morning after paying an ordered $300 bond.

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