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Boating Trip Capsized When Wife Urinated on Snoozing Mate

While on a boating excursion with her husband, a Florida woman allegedly urinated on the man while he was asleep in the cabin below.

48-year-old Heather Smith and her 47-year-old husband reside just outside Tampa Bay on Tierra Verde Island.

On August 16, while Smith and her husband were on their boat and out at sea the pair reportedly hit a rocky place in their relations and began to argue.

Her husband reportedly retired to the sleeping quarters below the main deck of the vessel so he could rest for the evening, and Smith remained on the deck.

As her husband slumbered, Smith allegedly pulled a hatch open in the roof, which is positioned directly above the bed. The woman reportedly released her bladder on her sleeping husband through the opening, and he was drenched in urine.

Her husband got out of bed and went to Smith about the alleged incident, and when he came into contact with his wife she reportedly bit him on the belly with enough force to leave marks.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office responded to the reported domestic unrest, and when they interacted with the alleged victim they noted in the police report that he was sporting redness on his stomach that could indicate he had been bitten.

When Smith, who was purported to have been consuming alcohol, reportedly decided she would discuss the situation after she was read her Miranda rights she allegedly said that she did bite and pee on her husband.

Just before 5:00 am, Smith was taken into custody and booked into the county jail.

She is expected to face charges for misdemeanor domestic battery, and she was released with the stipulation that she must wear an alcohol monitoring device.

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