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Political Sign Battle Between Neighbors Ended with Arrest

A Florida man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly struck and injured his neighbor during a fight over the placement of their conflicting signs showing support for the presidential candidate of their choice.

55-year-old Anthony Vullo resides in DeBary, Florida, and the front yard of his home is shared with his next-door neighbor, Joseph Lebert.

Both men chose to display signs in support of the presidential candidate they desire, and Vullo is a proponent for the reelection of Donald Trump, while Lebert is a Joe Biden backer.

When Vullo noticed where Lebert chose to display his sign, he asserted that it would obstruct the view of his own, reportedly causing him to pull his neighbors sign out of the ground before throwing it across the lawn.

After Lebert saw that his sign was taken down and assumed it had been done by his neighbor, he went to speak with Vullo about the situation. Things reportedly got heated and turned physical.

While another neighbor was watching, Vullo allegedly pushed Lebert during their discussion. When Lebert pushed back, his neighbor reportedly balled up his fist and struck him in the face leaving a wound on his head over his eye.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was notified about the incident, and deputies were sent to the scene to intervene.

When the officers arrived, they spoke with Lebert and Vullo, in addition to collecting a statement from the neighbor who said they watched the dispute as it unfolded.

Lebert and the onlooking neighbor reportedly gave similar statements about what had taken place, but Vullo alleged that Lebert pushed him first.

Lebert and the witness signed Marsy’s Law forms, and the alleged victim told the deputy that he planned to pursue criminal charges against Vullo.

Vullo, who allegedly told news outlets that he “went to jail for Mr. Trump, for our president,” was placed in the county jail for the allegations.

Vullo is expected to face one count of misdemeanor battery for his alleged involvement in the incident.

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