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Boss Secretly Recorded Woman Using Breast Pump

When an employee discovered a hidden camera recording her while she expressed breast milk at work the woman alleged that the owner of the firm was responsible for the secretly obtained footage.

On December 18, 32-year-old Jessica Clark went to a room in the firm where she works as an architect that she believed was private so she could pump breast milk. She allegedly saw an attaché case placed in a chair beside her. When she looked a bit closer at the briefcase Clark reportedly discovered what she believed was a pen attached to the bag.

Instead of the assumed writing instrument of which it held the appearance, Clark said she found that it was actually a USB style spy camera.

Clark grabbed a tablet with a USB port and skimmed the contents of the drive. The woman allegedly saw many videos of herself in the act of using her pump while her breasts were fully visible.

After calling the authorities to report what she had found, the Iowa City Police served the owner of the firm, 67-year-old Robert Carlson, with warrants giving them permission to search his home and office. The police suspected that he was the perpetrator who had intentionally placed the hidden device in the briefcase to record Clark’s breasts.

Evidence in the form of 22 videos of Clark with her breasts out was allegedly discovered in Carlson’s possession.

The officers spoke with Carlson about what they allegedly found and the man reportedly told them that his belief that Clark is beautiful made him desire to “see what was underneath” her clothing.

Carlson was taken into custody for the allegations and booked into the county jail where he was held overnight. He has been charged with 22 counts of serious misdemeanor invasion of privacy.

In the state of Iowa, a serious misdemeanor differs from a misdemeanor as it holds a lesser maximum penalty and adds a monetary fine to one’s sentence if convicted.

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