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Boyfriend Accused of Assault with Pumpkin Guts

A man is facing criminal charges after allegedly striking his significant other with the guts of a pumpkin during a domestic dispute.

26-year-old Nathan Garisto resides in Largo, Florida with his 29-year-old girlfriend.

Early in the morning on October 19, Garisto reportedly consumed a large quantity of alcohol before he and his girlfriend became verbally combative towards each other.

The couple continued arguing amongst a setup purportedly intended for pumpkin carving, and the seeds and other innards of the squash were placed on a piece of plastic.

The woman allegedly decided that she wanted Garisto to leave the apartment, and more than once told him it would be best if he would depart.

Despite her alleged attempts to get him out of the residence, Garisto reportedly chose to remain, and he proceeded to set his sights on the pumpkin carving work station.

Garisto allegedly grabbed the plastic tarp and propelled the pumpkin seeds and guts in a manner that resulted in his girlfriend being bestrewn with the sticky mess.

Around 2:15 am, the authorities arrived at the couple’s apartment and recorded that they found the woman still doused in the “seeds and pulp” of the pumpkin. It was additionally noted that she did not have any physical injuries.

The police interacted with Garisto, and they asserted that he appeared as if he was very drunk.

When they asked him what had transpired between himself and his girlfriend, Garisto allegedly stated that he threw the pumpkin contents at the door, but not at the woman.

Garisto was placed under arrest, and he is facing charges for suspicion of domestic battery.

He was released on a $1,000 bond with stipulations that he is not allowed to contact his girlfriend, and he must wear a device to monitor his intake of alcohol.

Garisto has entered a plea of not guilty to the allegations.

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