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Florida Man Arrested for Child and Elder Abuse

A Florida man who was incarcerated over the summer for allegations of child neglect was detained last week for reportedly abusing an elderly person and the child from the previous case.

47-year-old Richard Ermand Carbone lives with his family in a home in Punta Gorda.

In the middle of June, Carbone’s wife was placed under arrest on an outstanding warrant.

When the police went to the residence to collect the woman, they said the home had unclean dishes, trash, and unwashed clothing littered around the dwelling, sharp objects in reach of their small child, and what they assessed to be residue from drugs.

The child was reportedly found in a full diaper that allegedly caused noticeable diaper rash. The police also reported that insect bites were covering the baby’s skin.

When the police searched his person, Carbone was allegedly holding what was believed to be drugs.

He and his wife were taken into custody, but the charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, and neglect of a child without great bodily harm were dismissed for insufficient evidence.

On October 14, Carbone was at home with his family when he allegedly became physically abusive.

Carbone allegedly shoved two of the women in the home, one of which was reportedly holding the baby as she was knocked to the ground.

When one of the women tried to call the police, Carbone allegedly got ahold of her phone and broke it by throwing it on the ground.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office was notified by one of the alleged victims, and law enforcement went to the residence.

Carbone was taken into custody and booked into the Charlotte County Jail. He is being held without bond for allegations of battery on a person 65 years or older, willfully abusing a child without great bodily harm, and battery by intentional touch or strike.

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