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Breakup Prompted Mother to Abandoned Newborn

After the father of her child ended their relationship, the mother of a newborn reportedly ditched the baby at a stranger’s residence and ran away.

33-year-old Melissa Kelley lives in Astor, Florida, and she recently gave birth to a son.

Kelley and her son’s father ended their relationship, and the woman was reportedly very emotionally distressed over the breakup.

Around 10:30 pm on November 15, Kelley allegedly showed up at the home of a woman who did not know her.

The woman reported that Kelley informed her that the child’s dad was now dating her daughter, and then allegedly forced the baby into her home. Kelley allegedly told the woman she should not handle the child because he has scabies.

Kelley reportedly gave baby formula mix and a bottle to the woman, who said the baby’s diaper appeared as though it had not been changed for a long time.

Right before Kelley fled, she reportedly told the woman that the baby’s dad would retrieve the infant shortly.

The woman notified the authorities about the situation, and she let them know that she had a video of the handoff. During the recording of the call to 911, the woman said that she did not know the identity of the child’s mother.

During the investigation, the child’s father was unable to be contacted, but Kelley’s family reportedly received communication from her. She reportedly told them that she might throw the baby in the trash and that she wanted to overdose to end her life because of the breakup. She then allegedly left the infant with the stranger.

The police increased their efforts to locate Kelley when it was purported that she might harm herself, and they tracked her down in the woods by using the signal from her cell phone.

Kelley was taken into custody, and she is expected to face charges for child neglect, and unlawful desertion. She was incarcerated and later released on bond.

The Department of Children’s Services has taken custody of the infant, and he was given medical treatment at the hospital.

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