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Mom Routinely Drugged Toddler to Induce Sleep

After a mother was accused of giving THC oil to her 2-year-old, the authorities asserted that the child tested positive for the substance, and the woman was arrested.

22-year-old Kiarra Clarisse and her toddler son live in Merritt Island, Florida. Her girlfriend of approximately 8-months lived in the residence until the pair broke up a month ago.

The child’s father has visitation with his son under the supervision of the boy’s grandmother.

On November 6, the child met with his father at his grandmother’s home for a scheduled visit, and both his dad and grandma reportedly felt that the boy was not active as he normally was.

Clarisse’s ex-girlfriend reportedly messaged the child’s dad while the boy was visiting, and she allegedly let him know that the woman had been giving his son THC oil with a vape pen. She also reportedly said that the boy was left in potentially unsafe situations while his mother was at work at the Cheaters Cabaret Club.

Upon hearing the accusations, the youngster’s dad placed a call to the Department of Children and Families, and the boy was taken to the Parrish Medical Center the following day, where they performed drug testing.

The medical center reported that the tests showed positive results for THC in the toddler’s bloodstream, and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office became involved and opened an investigation.

According to the affidavit, when the authorities spoke with Clarisse’s ex-girlfriend, the woman disclosed she had seen the child inhale from the vape pen more than once. She alleged Clarisse had “forced” the toddler to take the substance and claimed that Clarisse said she did so to aid the boy’s eating and sleeping. The woman said she had text messages displaying proof of her claims.

During the woman’s sworn statement, she alleged Clarisse neglected to keep up on check up’s with the child’s physician for several months. She purported that it was to make sure they would not find narcotics in the toddler’s system.

When investigators spoke with Clarisse, the woman chose to remain silent, but the report indicates that she commented on using marijuana at home and away from her son.

Clarisse was taken into custody and booked on a $3,000 bond, and she is facing a felony count of child neglect for the allegations.

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