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Bride Punches Uninvited Wedding Guest for Groping Teen Girls

A man who crashed a wedding in Wisconsin took a blow from the bride when she learned he was allegedly acting in a lewd manner by touching and flirting with several of the teenage girls in attendance.

25-year-old William Dickinson and a male coworker had been hanging out in a local hotel bar and having drinks when they reportedly decided to crash a wedding in search of women.

Dickinson purportedly began acting inappropriately with teenage girls at the celebration. He approached two females, aged 17 and 18, and attempted to dance with them. They were uninterested in his advances and tried to move away from Dickinson, but according to the complaint, he asked the 18-year-old to join him in his hotel room. When the girls began moving away from Dickinson he reached out and grabbed the girl’s bottom.

A 14-year-old girl at the reception observed Dickinson’s behavior and she approached so she could try to help the older girls. Dickinson then allegedly asked the young girl to dance, and when she said no and turned to walk away he pulled her by the hair.

Many guests had noticed the disturbance and angrily confronted Dickinson. As he turned to leave he reported that someone pushed him, and he threw a punch at the first person in his sight. The man he hit was the father of the bride and one of the younger girls Dickinson had been bothering.

When the bride noticed the scuffle she approached Dickinson, who said he tried to say he was sorry and expressed that he hoped he had not ruined her wedding day. The bride responded by punching him in the face.

The complaint states that when police arrived and spoke with Dickinson he told them that he had been drinking and that he enjoyed dancing when he was inebriated. He stated that he had met a pretty girl and began dancing with her, and he did not understand why people had become angry at him. Dickinson denied the claim that he had pulled the 14-year-old girl’s hair, but he said that he was not surprised that the bride had hit him and that he “probably deserved it.”

Dickinson was taken into custody and charged with physical abuse of a child, misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault, and disorderly conduct. He was released on Tuesday after posting $1000 cash bond and accepting the stipulations that he is prohibited from contacting the alleged victims or any other underage girls, and he is not allowed to partake in drinking alcoholic beverages.

Dickinson is due back in court on March 5.

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