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Man Fighting Allegations That He Put Toddler in Heated Oven

A man who was being sought by the authorities for allegedly abusing his ex-girlfriend’s 3-year-old child by hitting her with a belt and sticking her in the oven turned himself on Thursday, and he is vehemently fighting the accusations against him.

45-year-old Terry Lee May, a father of five, had been taking care of his ex-girlfriend’s toddler for a few weeks after the woman left him to look after the young girl. When the child’s mother returned to pick her up she claimed she had discovered marks on her body.

The mother notified the authorities and the Department of Children and Families in order to report her daughter’s injuries. The child reportedly suffered burns to her ears and ankles, and what was assessed as belt markings on other parts of her body. It was concluded that the child had been beaten and then placed inside of an oven while she was in May’s care. The child told the officials that May had struck her with a belt more than once.

When they were unable to find May, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office released a news bulletin listing details of the alleged abuse to the victim and stating that there was a warrant out for his arrest.

The next evening May turned himself in and was booked into the Volusia County Jail, where he was held overnight until he posted $5,000 bail the next morning.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood strongly believes that May is guilty of the abuse allegations and stated that May is a “scumbag” until such a time that he might be judged as innocent in a courtroom. Chitwood also scoffed at the amount ordered for May’s bond and felt he should have been kept in custody until more details of the case were revealed.

May strongly denies all of the allegations that he abused the child. He stated that he loves children and that he believes his ex-girlfriend’s daughter was prompted by someone when she told the authorities that he had hit her with a belt. He also disputed the idea claim that the injuries on the toddler were consistent with those that would have been present had the child been put in a heated oven. May expressed that he is innocent until proven guilty and that he is not a scumbag.

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