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Bride on Her Way to Her Wedding Detained for Alleged DUI

While driving to her wedding on Monday an Arizona bride was part of a collision involving three vehicles which resulted in her arrest based on allegations that she was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

On March 12 32-year-old Amber Young, adorned in her wedding gown, was driving through Marana, a city just north of Tucson, to her ceremony. En route to her destination Young was involved in a crash involving three cars.

When police arrived at the scene of the pileup they suspected that Young had been consuming alcohol. A breathalyzer test was not administered, but Young was taken into custody in order to provide a blood sample based on the allegations.

Before Young was put into the police vehicle, but following being placed in handcuffs, one of the officers on site obtained a photograph of the bride which he posted to the social network Twitter with a text caption reading, “Don’t drive impaired, till death do we part doesn’t need any help,” included. The entry was deleted a short time after.

Young was not booked into jail but was released into the custody of her fiancé after signing a criminal citation.

It has not been disclosed whether the wedding still took place that day.

No one was reported as severely injured in the car accident, though one of the people had been mildly hurt.

The state of Arizona’s laws concerning driving under the influence are quite rigid as there is support of penalty for DUI even if someone is well below the legal limit of 0.08. Operating a vehicle with any intoxicant in the system can be grounds for legal ramifications.

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