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Burglar Dove off Tall Apartment Rooftop to Escape Arrest

When four men allegedly broke into and robbed a man’s apartment while he was at home, one of the suspects was shot by an officer after reportedly jumping off the building in an alleged attempted escape.

Late in the morning on September 15, four men in Los Angeles reportedly walked into an apartment building and forced their way into someone’s apartment. When they allegedly entered, they found that a male resident was home. According to reports, the dweller was “bound and gagged” while the alleged burglars stole the keys to his car.

The authorities were notified just after noon, and when they got to the location, they found and arrested two of the suspects immediately and without incident. To locate the other two men, a helicopter flew around the vicinity of the tall building. They spotted a man on the rooftop, and it was purported that he was one of the suspects.

When the man saw the helicopter, he leaped off the building, and after landing on the roof of a lower one, he fell onto the sidewalk where police were waiting.

The man reportedly remained on the ground after hitting the pavement, and, according to reports, the police ordered him not to move and not to reach into the waistband of his pants.

The man allegedly grabbed something from his pants that one of the officers reportedly believed was a gun, but turned out to be a hammer. He shot the man with a 40mm Less-Lethal Launcher, and he was taken into custody. He was transported to Los Angeles General Medical Center for medical treatment, where he was reported as being in stable but critical condition.

The police arrested the fourth suspect when someone matching his description left the apartment building wearing a different set of clothing. They purported he changed so he could walk away without being noticed.

All four suspects are facing felony charges for the incident.

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