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Captain Suspected of DUI Urged Officer to Turn off Camera 

A captain of an Oklahoma police department allegedly tried to use his position to encourage an officer to turn off his body-worn camera and give him special treatment during a suspected DUI encounter. 

Just after 1:30 AM on March 12, a captain of the Oklahoma City police who has been working in the force for 32 years was reportedly driving a city-owned vehicle erratically. 

According to reports, an on-duty officer saw the car speeding and swerving between the lanes on the road, and he performed a traffic stop. 

The driver pulled into a nearby driveway, which was later determined to be his residence. 

The officer approached the vehicle with his body-worn camera turned on and asked the man if he had been drinking alcohol. 

In response, the captain reportedly informed the officer that he is a captain in the Oklahoma City Police Investigations Bureau. He allegedly spoke quietly and asked the officer to turn off his camera so they could talk without being recorded. The officer told him he would not do that. 

The captain got out of the car to take sobriety tests, and he reportedly told the officer that he drank a few beers earlier in the night at a card game. He said it had been at least two hours since his last beer. 

The captain was placed under arrest and booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center. He is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and was additionally cited for traffic infractions. 

The Oklahoma City Police Chief released a statement regarding the incident and said as soon as the department learned of the arrest, the captain was placed on administrative leave with pay. If criminal charges are pursued, he could lose his pay. 

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