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Carjacker Got Naked for Police on Interstate

A man from Wyoming who was making his way to California allegedly hijacked a car, called 911 several times for a tow truck, and got naked on the interstate to prove he was unarmed when police arrived.

On the morning of August 23, 911 received a slew of calls from someone who wanted the assistance of a tow truck because his tires were punctured. The caller was informed he was not to use 911 for that reason since it is not considered an emergency. The police went to the caller’s location to check on them, and they said the tires on the vehicle were fine.

Right after the police left, the man allegedly called 911 again, and officers returned. They reported that they saw the man in the middle of the street trying to get vehicles to stop for him. When one of the drivers stopped their car, he entered it, and reportedly told the driver to go to the nearest police department.

Officers trailed the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The driver alleged that the man told him not to, but he pulled over anyway. As soon as the vehicle came to a stop, the man reportedly got out and ran on the Interstate. Other drivers had to stop their vehicles, and traffic began to back up.

When the police caught him and tried to arrest him, the man reportedly shed the lower half of his clothing to show the officers that he was not carrying any weapons.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Utah County Jail for first-degree felony aggravated robbery, second-degree felony robbery, third-degree felony damaging a jail, class A misdemeanor failure to stop at the command of a law officer, class B misdemeanor property damage or destruction, class b misdemeanor interference with an arresting officer, class B misdemeanor lewdness, and class B misdemeanor emergency reporting abuse. He has also been cited for several traffic infractions.

According to a court filing, “Mr. Screve is suffering from a mental break with intense paranoia and is unwilling to leave his cell to make a phone call to his family or to meet with his attorney.”

The driver of the vehicle and the responding police officer at the scene of the incident also believe the man needs mental health assistance. If the motion is granted, he will be able to go to the hospital for evaluation, and treatment if necessary.

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