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Catty Roommate Used Feline as Weapon

A Florida ex-convict is facing felony charges after allegedly throwing a cat at her elderly roommate during a domestic dispute.

56-year-old Wendi Hird lives in Largo with her 73-year-old ex-boyfriend and now roommate.

Hird has served two prison terms. The first occurred when she escaped from police custody and spent a year behind bars. The second, in 2005, was for the battery of a police officer. Hird was in state prison for approximately 5 years after conviction.

Just before midnight on February 28, Hird and the man with whom she resides reportedly began arguing.

When the dispute reportedly intensified, Hird allegedly picked up the cat that the roommates share as a pet.

Hird allegedly propelled the feline in the man’s direction, who was reported as standing in front of her.

The cat drew its claws and caused lacerations to the alleged victim’s face, knee, and foot as it descended to the ground.

According to the police report, after the reportedly savage animal launching, Hird allegedly walked up to the man and struck “the victim on the face, causing redness to show on the left side.”

The Largo Police Department was notified about the alleged domestic unrest, and officers were sent to the home.

When they arrived, the authorities took note of the visible injuries on the alleged victim, and they asserted that Hird caused them by hitting the man with the cat and her hand.

The affidavit reflects that they purported Hird was under the influence of alcohol, in addition to showing indications that she had taken drugs.

Hird was taken into custody. She is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic battery on a person on a person over the age of 65.

Hird, who had battery charges against her dropped in 2018 for allegations that she had an altercation with the same man, was booked into the Pinellas County Jail on a $4,000 bond.

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