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Charges Piled Up When Man Pooped in Police Car and Booking Room

When a man who was thought to be driving under the influence was arrested, he allegedly pooped once in the car on the way to the jail, and two additional times in the booking room at the facility.

41-year-old Jason Shea is from Dracut, New Hampshire.

Just after 7:00 am on June 12, Shea was reportedly driving a white van near Benson Park in Hudson.

Someone reportedly encountered the van in the parking lot at the park and became concerned about the possibility of something untoward taking place inside. The passerby decided to alert the police about the situation.

Officers went to the park to investigate the report, but they did not see a white van in the parking lot when they arrived.

A short while after they left the park, the officers reported that they noticed a van fitting the description of the one the caller reported. They reported that they watched as the vehicle pulled up to a home and parked in the driveway.

When the police made their way to the house, they approached the van and identified the inhabitant as Shea. They asserted that no passengers had been with the man.

The officers believed Shea was intoxicated. Though he was parked when they came up to him, the police alleged he had driven the van from the park to the home while under the influence.

Shea was placed under arrest, and the officers seated the man in the police cruiser. While he was in the back seat, the officers reported that Shea left a fresh pile of poop.

While Shea was being booked at the station, the man allegedly defecated in the room twice.

Shea is expected to face charges for DUI/DWI, disobeying an officer, and one count of criminal mischief for each of the three piles of excrement.

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