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Florida Teacher Gave Cop Credit Card during DUI Arrest

When an elementary school teacher was accused of driving under the influence, the woman allegedly handed a credit card to the officer instead of her driver’s license.

50-year-old Lee Anne Huff teaches 5th-grade math and science in the Pinellas County School district. She instructs children at the Leila G. Davis Elementary School in Clearwater, Florida.

Around 2:30 am on June 11, Huff was reportedly sitting in the driver’s seat of her vehicle with her head draped over the steering wheel.

The car, which was parked just off U.S. Highway 92 near a county club, caught the attention of the authorities. The Volkswagen was allegedly lifted on one side with a tire perched on a curb.

When the officers approached, they reported that the car was still running.

The police made their presence known and noted that there was a can of hard seltzer in the center console. “A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from her breath” was reportedly detected when speaking with the woman.

The officers asked the driver to present her license. When she handed them a small plastic card, the officers reported that it was a credit card but not a driver’s license or legal form of identification.

When asked how much she had been drinking, the woman, identified as Huff, reportedly said, “It was f—ing awesome.”

Huff reportedly complied with taking a breathalyzer test, and her blood-alcohol level was recorded as 0.174 and 0.170.

With an alleged BAC of close to triple the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle, Huff was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail for suspicion of DUI. It was reported that she is being held without bail at this time.

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