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Cheesesteak Bun Incites Battery at Flea Market

A man who ordered a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich and received it on a bun that was not to his liking reportedly became abusive with the café staff until the authorities arrived to intervene.

27-year-old Joseph Lagana from Southern California was hanging out at a flea market in Florida on Sunday afternoon when he reportedly stopped by one of the eateries to grab a bite.

Lagana ordered a Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich at Missy Mae’s Café, and when he was handed his food he spotted that the roll used was not what he was expecting, but was a sesame seed bun instead.

He first allegedly expressed his displeasure by yelling at the cashier, and then reportedly became aggressive with another man to the extent that the police report regarded the incident as “battery.”

When the police arrived at the location they assessed Lagana’s condition as highly inebriated based on the way he was speaking and seemed to lack physical coordination. He was also allegedly causing a disturbance to other people at the flea market with his aggressive verbal expressions.

Sheriff’s deputies placed Lagana under arrest and booked him into the Land O Lakes Detention Facility for suspicion of disorderly intoxication. The alleged victim of the battery was reported as choosing to forego pursuing charges for the incident.

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