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Child Dragged on Road by Drunk Driving Mom

When the daughter of an Orange County woman believed her mother was going to drive drunk, the girl grabbed onto the car and was reportedly dragged as the woman accelerated.

44-year-old Erin Garcia lives in Laguna Niguel, and she has an 8-year-old daughter. Garcia’s mother resides in Placentia.

Around 11:30 PM on September 18, Garcia and her daughter were at her mother’s home.

The Placentia Police Department press release states that Garcia’s daughter believed her mom was drunk.

Garcia reportedly climbed into her vehicle to drive away. Her young daughter grabbed onto the door handle on the passenger’s side of the car in a purported attempt to stop her.

The woman allegedly stepped on the gas, and when the vehicle began to move, the girl was scraped up as she was reportedly dragged on the ground for approximately 300 feet.

A man was standing nearby, and when he saw the incident he ran over to assist the youngster. It was reported that Garcia’s mother was trying to convince her daughter to stop.

The man who helped the child was reported as being so close to the vehicle when Garcia decided to leave, that he was allegedly pulled by the car long enough to sustain “moderate injuries.”

Officers from the Placentia Police Department went to Garcia’s mother’s home in response to the incident.

The police reported that the child had injuries that they believe she obtained by being dragged on the street by an automobile.

When they looked around the outside of her mother’s residence, the police reported that they located Garcia in the bushes in the backyard.

They tried to take Garcia into custody, and the police reported that the woman was uncooperative before she was detained.

Garcia was booked into the Orange County Jail. She is expected to face charges for assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, and battery against a police officer.

According to reports, the youngster and the bystander were treated at a local hospital.

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