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Child Left Alone in Vehicle While Mom was in Bar 

A West Virginia mother is facing several charges after allegedly leaving her youngster in the car without supervision while she was reportedly in a bar close to where the vehicle was parked. 

Early in the afternoon on January 10, the authorities received notification from someone claiming they saw a child alone in a vehicle. 

Officers went to the location, and they noted that the car was parked in front of a bar. It was reported that they spotted the child in the vehicle alone and unrestrained. 

A woman walked out of the establishment, and the police believed she was the person who left the child in the car. 

When she spoke to them, the woman reportedly told the officers that the car they were asking about was not hers. Afterward, she allegedly climbed into the vehicle through the passenger’s side and slid into the driver’s seat before speeding off. 

The police trailed after the vehicle until it was disabled after striking a light pole. 

The child in the car was taken to the hospital, and the mother was handcuffed and placed into a police vehicle. 

According to reports, the woman began slamming her head against the door in addition to kicking it. When an officer tried to get her to stop, the woman allegedly kicked them in the knee and face. 

She was placed under arrest and booked into Cabell County’s Western Regional Jail. She is facing a host of preliminary charges including obstructing an officer, fleeing from an officer, fleeing with reckless indifference, child neglect creating a risk of injury, battery on a law enforcement officer, driving with a license revoked for DUI, no insurance, and driving under the influence. She is being held without bond. 

It was reported that her BAC was 0.120 according to the results of breath tests. 

Child Protective Services was informed about the situation. 

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