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Daycare Worker Facing Felony for Biting Toddler 

A woman who worked for a Mississippi daycare center is facing felony charges after she allegedly bit the arm of a toddler in her care at the facility. 

On December 5, a mother brought her toddler to The Kids Company Christ-based childcare center in Laurel. 

When the woman went back and retrieved her youngster in the evening, she noticed that her son had what looked like bite marks on his arm. She believed that he obtained them at the daycare center, and she documented the injuries by taking photos and videos of the area. 

The toddler’s mother sent the images of the marks to the director of the daycare center and let them know about her suspicions about her child being bitten by an adult at Kids Company. 

The following day, the boy’s mom reportedly found a bite mark that she had overlooked the day before. She reported the newfound injury to the director as well. 

When the director spoke to the people in charge of the youngsters on the day of the alleged incident, they both said they did not bite the child.  

One of the women later reportedly recanted her denial and allegedly admitted that she bit the child. She explained that it happened “inadvertently.” 

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department was informed about the situation.  

According to reports, the suspect said she was blowing on the toddler’s arm and the boy reportedly jerked away, causing her to bite him. 

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Jones County Adult Detention Center on suspicion of felony child abuse. She was held in lieu of a $15,000 bond. 

The suspect was also fired from her position at the childcare center.  

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