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Chipotle Manager Charged for Spicy Act in Restaurant

The manager of a Pennsylvania Chipotle restaurant is facing charges after allegedly touching himself inappropriately in the establishment while sitting at a dining table with two women.

According to reports, on March 1, a manager of a Chipotle in Camp Hill invited a former coworker to the restaurant to hang out with her. The woman brought a friend with her and the trio sat at a table with the manager and some of the other employees.

While they were there, the manager allegedly began fumbling with the outside of the crotch area of his pants. The former employee and another woman at the table reportedly noticed, and they believed he was purposely touching himself for sexual gratification. After a while, the man allegedly grabbed a napkin and put it over the front of his pants by his privates.

Three days after the alleged incident, the two women who reportedly saw the man pleasuring himself at the eatery went to the police station to inform them about the situation. Both women reported that they saw what the man was doing, and the former Chipotle employee said she felt a few drops of something wet on her pants when she stood up from the table. She believed it was seminal fluid from the manager.

According to the police report, On March 5, the suspect gave a written admission of what he was accused of doing.

The man is facing charges on suspicion of one misdemeanor count of indecent sexual assault, one misdemeanor count of indecent exposure, one misdemeanor count of open lewdness, one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct, and one misdemeanor count of harassment. It was reported that it is expected he will lose his job at Chipotle as a result of the charges.

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