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Concerned Relative Reported Mom for Abusing Daughter

The mother of a 7-year-old girl in North Carolina was taken into custody after one of her relatives called the authorities and claimed that the child was being abused.

26-year-old Thao Thanh Nguyen and her 7-year-old daughter live in High Point, North Carolina.

On November 25, the High Point Police Department was notified by one of Nguyen’s family members who informed the authorities that they believed the woman was physically abusing her child.

Police officers went to the address where Nguyen was residing with her daughter, and when they arrived they reported that the girl had bruises on her face that were visible to them.

The young girl was taken to a local hospital to find out if she had any other injuries, and it was reported that she had teeth marks on her head, in addition to several bruises hidden by clothing that were located on her arms and legs.

Nguyen is being accused of causing the injuries to her daughter, and the woman was taken into custody. She is being charged with a felony count of child abuse with serious injury, and she was incarcerated on a $75,000 bond.

After her court appearance on November 26, her bond amount was raised to $175,000, and according to the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department’s records, Nguyen is currently being held in the Guilford County Jail.

Guilford County Child Protective Services is working together with the Highland Police Special Victims Unit, and they have coordinated in an effort to continue investigating the details of the alleged abuse.

The young girl was reportedly placed in the care of one of her family members after she was released from the hospital.

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