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Convenience Store Clerk Victim of Alleged Cuban Sandwich Attack

A customer at a 7-Eleven convenience store was arrested for battery when she allegedly threw her Cuban sandwich in the face of the clerk due to a dispute over the warmth of the food.

On Friday, February 9, 19-year-old Corinthian Jones went into a Bradenton, Florida 7-11 and ordered a pressed Cuban sandwich from one of the clerks. Jones received her purchase and left the store.

Approximately 30 minutes later Jones reportedly returned to the store with the sandwich, which had a few bites missing from it. Jones complained to the clerk that the sandwich was cold, and she either wanted it reheated or would like her money back. The two began to argue until Jones left the store to get one of her friends that was waiting outside for her.

When Jones and her friend reentered the store Jones again requested that the clerk, 26-year-old Victoria Vazquez, reheat her sandwich. When Vazquez agreed and tried to retrieve the sandwich Jones allegedly launched the food into Vazquez’s face. Vazquez then threw the sandwich back, but it did not hit Jones.

Vazquez called 911 to report the incident and Jones stayed at the store until Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene. When questioned by the authorities Jones said that she did throw the sandwich at Vazquez and that was not hit in the face, but instead caught it. One of Vazquez’s coworkers who saw the altercation contradicted Jones’ statement and reported to the deputies that the sandwich did hit the victim.

No injuries were sustained, and Jones was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. She was booked into the county jail overnight and released on $120 bail on Saturday.

Jones was issued an order to have no contact with the alleged victim, and she is not allowed to frequent 7-11.

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