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Cop Dragged By Car of Fleeing DUI Suspect

As an officer tried to apprehend a man that he believed was driving under the influence, the suspect reportedly tried to drive away leaving the cop dangling from the side as the car took off.

On April 5, a Georgia police officer saw a white sedan that he determined was being driven in a reckless manner and decided to perform a traffic stop.

The officer pulled the driver over and walked up to the vehicle to speak with the man, identified as 25-year-old Dennis Aguirre.

As reported by the officer, Aguirre allegedly seemed as if he was under the influence of an altering substance. Aguirre was reportedly asked to step out of the car.

While outside of the vehicle, Aguirre was purportedly uncooperative with many of the officer’s requests, and eventually was seen hopping back into his car in a recording caught from the officer’s dash camera. The video displayed the officer and suspect disappearing from the camera’s view as the officer leaped into the vehicle after Aguirre.

Almost immediately after the officer got in the car and grabbed onto Aguirre, the vehicle could be seen lurching forward a few feet with the driver’s side door open and the officer’s legs hanging on the ground while the rest of his body remained inside. The officer alleged that Aguirre pressed the gas pedal in an attempt to leave the scene while he was still attached to the vehicle. He also claimed that it was Aguirre that was holding him in the car making him unable to disembark from the moving vehicle.

The officer reported that he was eventually able to turn the key and stop the car’s engine from running, but Aguirre reportedly made an attempt to take off on foot before he could be placed under arrest.

When he noticed the suspect allegedly trying to flee, the officer chased Aguirre and dove on top of him to prevent him from getting away.

Backup officers arrived and helped in the arrest of Aguirre, who had sustained injuries in the incident and needed medical assistance at the hospital before being taken to jail. The officer did not have any notable injuries and he was cleared to return to his job.

Aguirre is facing charges for aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, trafficking illegal narcotics, possession of illegal narcotics with intent to distribute, DUI, reckless driving and various traffic charges.

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