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Corporal Headbutted by Unruly DUI Suspect

A man being taken into custody for allegedly driving while intoxicated reportedly headbutted and injured an arresting corporal.

Early in the evening on April 22, a Missoula man was at a residence with a female when he allegedly hit her.

The authorities were notified, and deputies with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office went to the address to investigate.

When they arrived, the alleged victim said the man already left the home. It was purported that he went to his parent’s house.

The police obtained the address, and they went to the residence. They reported that the suspect was sitting in his vehicle when they got there.

According to reports, when the deputies began to interact with the man, he smelled and behaved in a manner that cause them to believe he had consumed a lot of alcohol.

The man was sitting on the tailgate of the truck, and the deputies reported that he was very uncooperative when they were trying to talk to him. He did not consent or participate in any sobriety testing.

He was placed in handcuffs, and the man’s face was bleeding in several spots. The deputies reported that he probably obtained the injuries because he was uncooperative and struggling.

Before he was processed and booked, the suspect was taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated.

When they were at the hospital, it was reported that the man became aggressive toward the medical professionals. The police decided to restrain him in a chair so he could be examined.

As the corporal at the scene was securing the man in the restraint chair. The suspect reportedly headbutted him so hard that it caused a hematoma to develop near his eye.

The suspect, who has four prior DUI convictions, in addition to a current pending partner or family member assault (domestic violence) case in Missoula County, is facing charges of felony assault on a peace or judicial officer, felony DUI, misdemeanor partner or family member assault second offense, criminal destruction of or tampering with a communication device, and resisting arrest.

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