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Father Arrested for Piercing Teenage Son’s Ear

The father of a teenage boy in Arkansas was arrested and charged for allegedly illegally piercing his son’s ear at home.

On April 20, a Springdale Police School Resource Officer reported to the authorities that a student told a teacher and his classmates that he had his ear pierced. He allegedly told the class that his father had been drinking and forced him to allow the home piercing.

The Tontitown Police Department took the report, and they sent officers to the boy’s home to speak with his father about the allegations.

When they interacted with the man, he allegedly told them he did pierce his son’s ear at home, but, when asked, he chose not to answer the officers’ questions. He also would not grant them permission to talk to the youngster.

The police left the residence and notified the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s office about the situation. They were able to get an arrest warrant so they could go back to the home and take the father into custody.

It was reported that four officers went to the residence together to arrest the man, and they forcefully entered the home. They shoved him against the wall while his wife and son were watching.

His wife asked why her husband was being handcuffed, and when an officer explained to her, her husband reportedly started laughing dismissively.

The man was placed under arrest, and he is facing several preliminary charges, including one felony count of performing body art in an unlicensed facility, endangering the welfare of a child, refusal to submit to arrest, and obstructing governmental operations.

Two days later, he was released on a $1,500 bond, and his arraignment was scheduled for May 22.

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