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County Mental Health Worker Stole Thousands from Client

A California woman who used to work for the county behavioral health services in Sierra County has been accused of taking advantage of a client by stealing their financial information and embezzling thousands of dollars while on the job.

Last April, the Sierra County Sheriff’s Office received information about a situation where a woman employed at Sierra County Behavioral Health had allegedly financially exploited one of the clients for thousands of dollars. It was purported that she could do so by using her position of power to access and illegally pilfer funds from the bank cards of a vulnerable person.

During their months-long investigation, the authorities gathered information that caused them to believe they should check the woman’s home for evidence of purchases that could be connected to the allegations.

The authorities obtained an arrest warrant and went to the woman’s Lassen County residence. When they arrived, they inspected the premises and reportedly found many items they believed were purchased with the alleged victim’s financial information. Based on information they collected in the investigation, they surmised that the woman ordered the goods, which cost thousands of dollars, and had them shipped to her home address.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into Plumas County Jail. She is facing charges for suspicion of financial crimes such as embezzlement and theft.

Sierra County deputies involved in the case stated that they believe the evidence they have collected so far lends compelling support in proving the woman’s guilt of the accusations of financial fraud. The investigation is ongoing, and the sheriff’s office reached out to the public and asked anyone with information connected to the case to contact them.

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