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Teen Burglars Held Family at Gunpoint

Two Texas teens are facing multiple charges after allegedly breaking into a home and holding the family who lives there at gunpoint before fleeing and escaping from pursuing police officers.

Late in the evening on September 5, a family, including five adults and three children, were at their home in Beverly Hills, Texas, when two men reportedly forcefully entered without permission.

The alleged intruders reportedly had handguns, and it was reported that they pointed the weapons at the people and threatened to harm them. After allegedly stealing cash and attempting to take a vehicle, the pair took off together in a car.

The family notified the authorities about the incident, and law enforcement from the Beverly Hills Police Department was immediately dispatched to the home. Within minutes, the police saw two men sitting in a Cadillac on the side of the road near the scene, and they suspected that they were the alleged burglars.

According to reports, just as the officers parked a patrol car in front of the Cadillac, the driver hit the gas and nearly slammed into it. The officers tried to pursue the suspects after the near miss, but they were able to escape.

Though the police were not able to detain the suspects, they got the car’s license plate number and used it to track them down.

Two days later, the police executed a search warrant, and they reportedly found the handgun, additional items reportedly involved in the alleged robbery, and the Cadillac.

Both suspects, ages 16 and 18, were taken into custody, and they are each facing charges of first-degree burglary with intent to commit another felony, aggravated robbery, and evading arrest using a vehicle.

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