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Court Will Treat Councilman’s 4th DUI Charge as His 1st

According to the attorney working for a Washington City Councilman who has been charged with his fourth DUI, the charge will be viewed as a first-time offense.

On Monday afternoon, 42-year-old Matthew Staniszewski, a Washington City Councilman, was allegedly found behind the wheel of his Honda that was reportedly idle and askew on the side of the road in a position that was blocking oncoming traffic.

An officer approached the vehicle and reported that empty miniature bottles of liquor were laying on the floor of the car, and Staniszewski allegedly appeared rather disoriented.

The officer felt that due to his purported level of inebriation, it could cause Staniszewski physical danger if she tried to have him perform roadside sobriety tests at the scene. He was instead placed under arrest and charged for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Staniszewski has three prior DUI charges, his first of which was received in 2004. In 2006, he was charged for his second DUI, but though his BAC was under the legal limit Staniszewski was operating a vehicle after he had consumed marijuana. For his third offense, Staniszewski was in an accident with another car in 2007, and his blood-alcohol content was recorded as .29 percent.

Sean Logue, the lawyer representing Staniszewski in his recent DUI charge, disclosed that his client should be able to have the offense treated as a first-time DUI due to the 12 year period that has gone by since his last infraction. He also said that Staniszewski accepts responsibility and has admitted he was in the wrong for the incident, and Logue is seeking a program so that his client can receive treatment.

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