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Crab Bandit Pinched After Trying to Hit Clerk With Car

When a store employee tried to approach a woman they believed was stealing food from the market she allegedly attempted to run the man down with her vehicle.

On August 14, one of the clerks employed by Martin’s Food store in Eldersburg, Maryland, thought he recognized a woman who was thought to have stolen from the establishment on a previous occasion.

The employee trailed her around the grocery store until he watched the woman allegedly make her exit without paying for the items she had collected while shopping.

As he followed her into the parking lot, the worker tried to hail down the woman and inquire as to whether she had failed to pay before she walked out of the store with the groceries.

While she loaded the stash into her Toyota the woman reportedly yelled at the worker, and after she started the engine she allegedly stepped on the gas and accelerated in the direction the man was standing.

Before the car could make contact with him, the employee reportedly placed himself behind another parked car in the lot and watched as the woman allegedly smashed into a Yukon before leaving the location. He additionally reported that he captured a photo of the alleged offender’s license plate.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department was notified about the incident and they collected a statement from the employee that interacted with the suspect. The man ran down his version of the events and dubbed the alleged thief “Crab leg bandit,” due to the amount of crab legs he said he saw her take.

With the information they were able to collect, such as the picture of the license plate, and the video from the store’s surveillance cameras which allegedly showed the woman removing several packages of crab legs from the frozen section, as well as other groceries from the store, the authorities asserted that 27-year-old Shana C. Frundt was the suspect they were seeking.

Frundt was arrested and she is facing charges for suspicion of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, theft of property valued between $100 and $1,500, reckless driving, driving without a license, failing to give insurance information after being involved in an accident, failing to furnish required written identification after damage occurred, failing to notify the owner of an unattended vehicle of damage caused, and failing to stop after a vehicle accident involving damage.

The following day, Frundt shelled out $7000 for bail and she was released from custody. She is scheduled to appear in court on September 11.

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