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Dad Arrested for Angry Confrontation with High School Student

The father of a high school student in New Jersey is facing multiple charges after he allegedly got aggressive with students who he believed had been harassing his daughter.

Late in the morning on March 11, the father of a girl who attends Paulsboro High School in Gloucester County reportedly decided to go to the campus to take his daughter out of her classroom. According to reports, the man believed another student had been giving her a hard time.

It was reported that when the man got to the school, instead of just picking up his daughter, he reportedly walked into the classroom and confronted the boy he believed was bothering her, insisting that the student owed his daughter an apology. The teen told the allegedly angry dad that he didn’t do anything wrong. The man allegedly responded with foul language and insisted that he apologize. When another student in the class tried to get involved on behalf of his classmate, the man allegedly began yelling at him, as well. It was speculated that the man grabbed the student by the arm during the encounter.

A teacher tried to reason with the man, and he eventually walked out of the classroom. One of the students recorded the event and posted it on social media, and the clip quickly went viral.

The police were notified, and the man was taken into custody on suspicion of two counts of third-degree making terroristic threats, one count of simple assault, one count of trespassing, and one count of disorderly conduct. Upon his release the following day, he was informed that he was prohibited from talking to any students or parents involved and was banned from the school campus.

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