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Daily Drinker Chased by Police and Arrested for Third DUI

A man who was convicted for at least two prior DUI’s was arrested a third time for allegedly driving under the influence after he forced the authorities to chase him.

On the evening of July 11, a man was driving a jeep down a road in Sarasota Springs when he allegedly began erratically maneuvering the vehicle.

The driver reportedly zigzagged back and forth between the lanes, in addition to allegedly striking the center divider with his Jeep.

A citizen notified the Saratoga Springs Police Department and reported the alleged unsafe driver, and stated that they believed the situation might have been due to the possibility that the man behind the wheel was intoxicated.

When officers spotted the Jeep they believed the person called about, they reported that the vehicle switched lanes more than once without employing a turn signal.

They turned on their lights to clear the other cars, and the police continued trailing the Jeep as the man driving it allegedly continued violating traffic laws.

A traffic signal turned red causing the man to reportedly attempt to come to a stop, and he got out of the Jeep.

The man allegedly did not properly halt the vehicle, and it continued rolling until striking a car stopped at the light.

The driver, identified as Xavier Charles Morrison, 28, allegedly resisted the police when they attempted to cuff him, and he was reportedly discovered with beer tops in his pockets when searched.

The police stated that Morrison, who was reported as having two prior DUI’s, had an open beer bottle in his Jeep, and said that he was in violation of an ordered interlock device when they allegedly failed to find one in the vehicle.

While talking with the officers, Morrison allegedly disclosed that he imbibes alcohol daily.

Morrison was booked into the county jail. He is facing a host of charges including third-degree felony driving under the influence, felony failure to stop or respond at command of police, misdemeanor alcohol restricted driver violation, threat of violence, possessing an open container or drinking alcohol in a vehicle, failure to install an ignition interlock device, operating a vehicle without insurance, and operating a vehicle without a license or registration.

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