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Dancing 12-Year-Old Unexpectedly Assaulted by Stranger

While a 12-year-old boy was dancing on a street corner, a passenger in a car driving by reportedly hopped out of the vehicle and struck the child.

Last Friday night, Fingerprint Urban Dance Studio instructor Micheal “Crank” Curry was recording and Facebook Live streaming a video of his students as he watched them take turns performing on a street corner in Cape Girardeau.

The video, which was viewed by many Facebook users, reportedly depicts one of the dancers while he was attacked by a stranger.

As a 12-year-old boy was performing, the video shows a black car rolling up and stopping near the dancers.

The front seat passenger emerged from the vehicle and approached the area where the boy was dancing, while also dancing around as he advanced upon the alleged victim.

While the dancer was reportedly unaware of what was taking place, the suspect was shown in what was asserted to be an intentional attack when he swung his arm at the boy and struck him in the head.

The dancer fell to the ground, and one of the witnesses chased after the suspect as he returned to the vehicle, which departed as soon as he closed the passenger side door.

The authorities reviewed the information collected from people at the scene, in addition to the video content, and they believe the man involved in the incident is 27-year-old Cedric Charles Moore Jr.

When they tried to locate Moore regarding the allegations, they were unable to find him, and his loved ones have not reportedly been helpful to the police in their attempts to find him.

Moore is facing felony charges for first-degree child endangerment, and second-degree assault for the allegations, and when he is apprehended his bond has been set at $50,000 cash only.

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