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Drunk Stockton Firestarter Arrested After High-Speed Chase

A man in Stockton was allegedly driving under the influence when he reportedly sparked many fires and two accidents, before leading the police on a high-speed chase for more than 5-miles.

On the afternoon of July 5, a pickup truck was seen traveling down the highway in Stockton, California. The vehicle was reportedly lacking the front passenger side wheel, but that did not hinder the driver from driving the truck on the road.

When an officer saw the truck he reportedly tried to pull over the driver, but the man behind the wheel allegedly ignored it and continued down a different road.

When the driver changed from the highway to city streets and approached a traffic light, he reportedly slammed into the back of a vehicle with a young child inside that was stopped at a red signal.

The authorities reported that the accident did not deter the suspect from continuing his 3-wheeled journey, and the man allegedly took off after throwing a grin and a peace sign in their direction.

Police vehicles chased the suspect and reported that they watched as the pickup threw sparks and caused many grassy patches on the side of the road to ignite.

The fire department was notified about the blazes, and the officers reportedly continued trailing the suspect for over 5-miles. It was alleged that the man reached a speed of at least 80 MPH while they were in pursuit.

37-year-old-Uriel Delossantos, the man identified as the driver of the pickup, allegedly ended his fiery ride by smashing into a fence after giving the appearance that he had lost control of the vehicle.

When interacting with Delossantos, the police asserted that he was driving under the influence, and while placing him under arrest he allegedly became so uncooperative that they decided they would need to call in a K9 unit.

Delossantos was taken into custody, and he is facing charges for suspicion of DUI, hit-and-run, resisting arrest, reckless driving, evading with wanton disregard for safety, providing false identification and property damage.

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