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Delivery Driver Arrested For Stealing Family’s Dog

A woman and her boyfriend who worked as delivery drivers for Amazon have been accused of snatching a family’s dog and trying to sell the pet on Craigslist.

On July 5, a male and female pair were delivering parcels for Amazon in a Parker County, Texas, neighborhood.

The couple came across a home where they saw a dog in the front yard and they allegedly decided to pick up the pup.

A landscaper was reportedly working nearby, and while making their way down the residential street the couple allegedly questioned him about where the dog lived.

When the man was asked about the pet’s owners he said he directed them toward the home where they picked it up, but they allegedly drove away with the pet instead of leaving it at the residence.

As soon as the pet’s owners, Anthony and Amanda Phillips, returned to their home and realized their dog was nowhere to be found they created a Facebook post asking their neighbors for any help they might be able to provide in locating the pet.

With the assistance of Amazon, and the testimony of the landscaper, and surveillance footage captured on a neighbor’s equipment during the alleged event, the authorities believed 22-year-old Mycah Keyona Wade and 23-year-old Devanta Lynn Mooring were the suspects they were seeking.

During the time that the police were trying to track down the suspects, an ad on Craigslist that someone posted showed a dachshund believed to be the Phillips’ dog listed for sale at the initial price of $100. The asking price was later reportedly discounted to $70.

Four days later, on July 9, Wade was located and questioned about the alleged dognapping. She reportedly said she had nothing to do with the incident, and she was not detained.

Later that day, Wade allegedly went to the police and handed over the dog before being placed under arrest.

Wade is facing a charge for one count of theft of property, and she was released after posting a $2000 bond. Mooring has not yet been located.

After the dog was given to the authorities an investigator snapped a picture of himself with the pet and sent it to the family through email. Their furry friend was then safely returned to them.

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