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Woman Charged For Peeing on Potatoes at Walmart

A woman in Pennsylvania was arrested after the authorities identified her as the perpetrator who allegedly urinated on potatoes inside a bin at Walmart.

Last Tuesday morning an employee at the 24-hour Walmart in West Mifflin saw a yellow puddle on the floor in the produce department and suspected the liquid was urine. The fluid reportedly appeared as if it was coming from the area of the loose potato bin.

In an effort to ensure safety the potatoes in the offending bin were thrown away, and the area of the store was thoroughly cleansed.

After the surveillance camera footage from inside the store was reviewed it was determined that on the previous evening, approximately 10-hours before the employee discovered the mess, a woman appeared as if she had urinated into the bin holding the spuds.

West Mifflin detectives inspected the recording until they identified the person that they believed was responsible for the mess as 20-year-old Grace Marina Brown.

On July 30, a few days after she was named the suspect, Brown went to the police department accompanied by her attorney. She reportedly told the authorities that she did urinate in the potato bin at Walmart.

The police took Brown into custody and she is facing charges for misdemeanor open lewdness, misdemeanor criminal mischief, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor public drunkenness.

When issuing a statement to a local news outlet about his client, Brown’s lawyer said, “She’s a young woman that made a mistake, but she’s going to address whatever issues she may or may not have. She’s going to move forward.”

If Brown is convicted of all charges she could face a sentence of up to two-and-a-half years of incarceration, in addition to several thousands of dollars in fines.

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